The Men's Corner

Welcome to The Men’s Corner, an innovative retail concept created by the most experienced men’s jewelry team in the industry, renowned as much for their passion as their expertise.

Headquartered on 5th Avenue in New York City in the heart of its world-famous jewelry district, the group has more than 30 years of experience in men’s fine jewelry and our finger on the pulse of today’s fashion, style and consumer trends.  

Together we design, manufacture and distribute some of the best-known international brands to the largest retailers in the world. Our company is the official licensee for the Esquire Men’s Jewelry brand, created in collaboration with the style experts at the iconic magazine brand, which is available to you here in The Men’s Corner.

We are the exclusive North American distribution partner for Kingka Men’s Jewelry, and this site is one of the only places you’ll find this contemporary collection.

The Frank’s brand is a selection of casual, elegant and sporty styles designed for a bold & adventurous lifestyle.

The Men’s Corner (TMC Signature) Collection is our own curation of can’t-miss classic styles for every man, and is only available here.

The company is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and a founding member of Diamonds Do Good, a global nonprofit organization supported by the international natural diamond industry, whose mission is supporting programs that develop and empower people living in communities where natural diamonds are mined.

All of our items are shipped directly from our fulfillment centers in New York and Rhode Island, and we stand behind the quality of our fine jewelry.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.